Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer Sales: entering the tool box? I think not.

For the longest time I vowed I would never do summer sales. Why is this? Everything I have heard about summer sales is mostly negative-big promises, terrible work and people getting ripped off. Having been an LDS missionary and experiencing what its like going door to door for hours and days on end, I know how hard it is. However, as a missionary I had a burning conviction, motivation and desire for the 'product' and message I was sharing. So, how could I go door to door for four months selling something I dont have conviction in, cant see the benefit of and have no motivation for? I couldnt is the answer, which is why I said I would never sell. Also, there is the HUGE stereotype and stigma regarding summer salesmen.  Many of which are just that, stereotypes that are over emphasized and too commonly labeled on people. I will now illustrate some of these stereotypes, with a heavy amount of satire on the side.

Stereotype A: The Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle choice one: being a tool

Urban Dictionary defines a tool as: "One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or low self-esteem."

Basically anyone of these guys from MTV's Tool Academy could be seen thus summer knocking your door...

 Poor lifestyle choice two: the apparel

Snag yourself some gaudy True Religions, preferably with heavy amounts of white stitching, some Afflicted t-shirts (ones with felt crosses or skulls gain double tool points), anything Ed Hardy, humongous Spy sunglasses (worn on the back of the head) and some white K Swiss' and your set.

TIP: all t-shirt sizes should be down two sizes from what one usually wears.

Poor lifestyle choice three: the tan...

 I have nothing to add to this. I laughed for a good 5 minutes straight. 
Lessons learned: moderation in all things, some tanning is ok (source of vitamin D)
too much fake baking makes you look like and Oompa Loompa, or this
   like this man who I am guessing just covered himself in brown sugar, butter, 
some gold dust flakes and baked outside for a few hours.

Dont get me wrong, who doesnt like to be tan? I sure do. Just refer above for what not to do.

Poor lifestyle choice four: the whip, aka automobile.

 "Hello, I sold over 800 accounts last summer and snagged me this ride. Sad you cannot see the playboy bunny mud flaps."

Stereotype B: The Attitude

One hears of the constant swindling, arm pulling and deceiving that must take place during summer sales to even make a sale. Fools. Exact quote from a friend, "I didnt have one sale last summer where I didnt have to pull their arm a little." There are some people who can mentally shut off their integrity for a summer to make sales to people who cant afford what they are selling and who dont need it; I am not one of those people.

Resolution: Blue Sky Pest Control
So, with all that in mind, why am I going to sell this summer? WHY?! Since I made the decision I have received mostly expressions of disappointment. Boo. However there are those who know me well enough to understand I must be doing it for some good reason. Correct.

I was introduced to Blue Sky Pest control through a job placement agency for returned missionaries. Since I was introduced I have been nothing but impressed. Stationed in Mesa, Arizona and covering the entire metro area, they have become the best at what they do in the region.

Why sell there and with them?

1. Arizona has lots of bugs. Big ones like tarantulas and scorpioins.
2. Its hot, so the bugs wanna get inside.
3. Buying pest control is on peoples monthly expenditures like the water and electrical bill. Its something they already plan on purchasing, so I am not pestering them for something they dont want or need. Its not a luxury, its a necessity.
4. I am going with my best friend and cousin Kyle
5. We know people in the metro Phoenix area
6. The owners of Blue Sky are legit. One formerly worked for Franklin Covey and PricewaterhouseCoopers. They have been in the industry for a long time as well. Solid guys.
7. Arizona seems like a fun place. I love living outside Utah and this will be a nice change.
8. This is where Blue Sky is letting us live...

Beach, cardio cinema, bungalows, 3 acre lake...quaint.

Why sell?

Here are my goals and motivation that will get me through this summer:

1. Pay of my $4,500 in student loans I used to go on study abroad before I graduate
2. Set aside at least $5,000 for my internship next summer. Ideally, New York, London or Seattle.
3. Invest.
4. Be completely and totally financially independent from my parentals.
5. Buy the camera I want so I can do photography as a side job/hobby
6. Have the money to purchase all the supplies, software and resources needed for my major.
7. Have some peace of mind while in school that the future isnt utterly bleak financially
8. Go on a vacation somewhere I never have been and be able to pay for it myself!

So, thats it. I am leaving in two weeks to Phoenix for the summer and I cant wait; stereotypes and all, I am doing it. And I relish in proving those stigmas wrong....

Friday, April 23, 2010

2009/2010 school

So its now been eight months since I have added anything to this blog and I feel that its time to start. This past school year has been the most challenging, stressful, hectic, busy, rewarding, growing and benefiting year thus far. I realized how many amazing things have happened over this school year that should be documented and shared, and I am kicking myself I havent been doing this along the way. However, its never too late to start. So, let us recap...


Aggie Blue Fall Leadership with my CFBF (co-facilitator best friend) Ang

Aggie Blue games on the quad


Homecoming street painting with Erin and Brit

Picture at the Pike house after the 80's dance. Stretchy lavender shorts, tube socks, Vans 
and a nice blue, cheetah print clip in rat tail made the ensomb real nice.
Plus, shutter Akon shades.

Rachel and I were the chair for the Mr. USU pageant this year. The theme was 
"I can go the distance", so keeping with that, our two MC's/ hero trainers/saders
were Bret and Eric. We spent many a all nighter getting those furry pants ready.

Our wonderful contestants...

White out dance on the quad


Ah....the HOWL. The largest college Halloween party in the western United States, and probably
the country. Getting to be one of the four in charge of it was amazing! We did a creepy twist
on Alice in Wonderland and it was bomb. My co chairs and Josh were wonderful. It was the biggest
turn out Utah State has EVER had, and was the most profitable event. Halla.

I once had steps in my hair. And got stuck in this recycling receptacle...

The crowd of 6,000...mean Brady had to come out a few times due to people being utter fools.
I am not sure why, but when people get in a large group their IQ drops significantly...


NACA! One of my favorite events of the year. The ten of us went to Portland for an activities and
entertainment showcase and booking convention. Basically we sat through performances all day,
booked acts to come to USU and explored Portland. I fell in love, and want to move back there one day.

I love this city.

Also at NACA I was hypnotized. Currently in this photo I am Brittany Spears.
The likeness is almost disturbing...

The Tiny House Project. Its hell on earth that all sophomores in the Interior Design program must
go through. The words Tiny House invoke fear and respect to most the student body on campus
as the project has gained notoriety. 1,000 sq.ft. house, built to scale, out of foam core. Plus
all the presentation drawings, floorplans, 3D views and construction documents. It was my life.
This was my room about 3 days into it. Sunday to Thursday was solely devoted to Tiny. Monday to
Wednesday blurred into one day as I went with no sleep nor left my room; except for a 4 am trip
to the 24 hour Aggie Mart for a Rockstar and Almond Joys.

One fine Monday evening in the wee hours I became careless with my x-acto blade and
sliced myself real good. Luckily they didnt have to rip my fingernail off to give me my stitches...

Post stitches, with my 'dressing' on my finger. It was big.

Despite the hell I went through, I can honestly say that I have never worked so hard on a 
project and have been more proud afterward. I produced something that even amazed myself, which 
is rare considering how hard I am on myself. Its my perfectionist mentality.

She turned out absolutely beautiful. It was a love hate relationship, but I do love her.

Let me introduce you to my beautiful cousin Stephanie. We are the same age and have been so close
our whole lives. In November she left on a mission to Taiwan. She is rockin it as a sister missionary.

My brother and his wife went to BYU and are now graduating. This year my brothers rotating season
tickets so happened to land on the front row of the north end zone for the BYU vs. UofU game. Naturally we took advantage of that. This picture was actually taken by the Deseret News. It was neat.


Home I went for Christmas break. This was when we made a candy train. I also worked again at
the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, a former employer. Its real busy in December.

New bed spread from Z Gallery. Regularly $350, I paid $80.

The tragedy of Christmas break....selling AC, AKA Adventure Car. This little phily was my graduation
present my senior year. We turned him into a gorgeous off roading machine, taking many a 
memorable trips with family to Moab. I loved this jeep. It was part of my identity. It was sold to a nice
man in Riverton, and I got a white 2003 Alero. Downgrade for sure. It does get great gas mileage though....

back to school....

My wonderful peeps from Hampton Ridge. This was prior to the USU vs BYU 
basketball game which we dominated. People were camped outside for a few days prior, and 
as it was over 400 students didnt get in. Aggie basketball...ugh. Its a blessing from on high.

Yes, we wanted to try cross country skiing. So we did up Green Canyon. Hilarious and eventful.

Sometimes I paint. This was a gift for my friend Rachel, and I LOVED it.


My little bro and I had some real nice ski days this winter at Snowbird and the Beav...

Ah, Mardi Gras. How I loved you. Why did I end up chairing the universities four largest
events in one year? Dont ask me, it just happened. It was insanity to do that to myself, but was so
amazing. Mardi Gras also brought in record numbers and profit. Pretty proud...

I adore these people. They are amazing.

USU has the best students in the world. Nothing would happen without amazing volunteers....


SPRING BREAK!! 12 of us snagged a beach house in Mission Beach, San Diego for eight days 
and it was the best trip ever. 84 degrees, the beach, sand volleyball, beach cruisers, Maui Babe, the best
chicken tacos and horchatta I've ever had, the ghetto..est club I have ever been to, La Jolla, St. Paddys down town, Persian New Year and Las Vegas. Best group of friends. Best trip ever!

Once upon a time we thought there was a Spring Break party on the bay. False. It was
Persian New Year. 3000 Middle Easterners and 20 white college kids from Utah. 
Epic in our Spring Break tanks.

The SD crew outside the bungalow.

I had gone over two years without a burger and it was my first time
at In-N-Out. So naturally I had a double double animal style. It went down nice and
smooth. I loved it so very much.

HARE KRISHNA aka, Festival of Colors. SD crew reunited with my good buddy 
Taylor Crane for some Krishna goodness. This was before the mayhem...

Mid mayhem....

post mayhem....


Christy, one of my new best friends and I have the same birthday. She turned 20, I turned 22. In
honor of this we threw a birthday palooza. It was bumpin, packed and so much fun. One of the
most fun birthday parties I have ever had.

Actual day of birth. Vans boat shoes, cash, design book...some of the great items.
Strawberry torte. 22 candles. My favorite birthday to date....

So there we are. Its now April 25th, finals are coming up, my life is crazy busy and I am loving it. Lots of changes are happening and I have big plans for the future. My summer endeavors will require their own post soon to come. As well as recents events since my birthday. What a fun school year this has been. So fun....