Sunday, July 18, 2010

my favorite place on earth

in exactly three weeks I will be in Jackson Hole with my family and my cousins families.

hands down Jackson Hole, specifically Jackson Lake is my favorite place to vacation.

not only because its absolutely gorgeous, but the love for it is deeply rooted in my family.

we have been going there since 1968, when my mom, her sister Jan and their little brother John were just wee children. my grandparents have always instilled the importance of family vacations, traditions and home evenings.

the YHM are the initials of the three families names

and we give it some TLC each year. the tree is found on our
beloved "Gilligans". a tiny island out in the middle of the lake
we venture to each summer.

all three fams (with some absent) at Gilligans

the Four Winns on the left has been replaced by a lovey new red and white Master Craft.
the Malibu in center, with the original boaton the right, The Teton Tradition. we keep 'er aroundfor nostalgic purposes. 
plus its my favorite to ski behind cause it produces hardly any wake

my dad commodores the Teton Tradition these days

 like I said, it deep rooted. this is a picture of my mom with my oldest sister Mandy up
at Jackson.

we stay at beach front condos at Signal Mountain Lodge.
the only place to stay on the water at Jackson Lake.
we are regulars, and book each summer a year in advance,
the week after we leave each time.

the view from the condo is unreal

I love the afternoon thunderstorms that roll in every afternoon
once the water starts getting choppy

I love early morning and late night ski runs on perfect glass

I love the hour long boat ride to Leeks Restaurant for the best
pizza and ice cream known to man

I love moments like this

and this

and especially this.

I love the sunsets on the glassy water at night

and I love being there with my family

needless to say, being away from them all summer in 
inhumane heat and unnecessary ugliness has made me more
excited then ever to go. 

three more weeks. three more weeks.

cherry on top:
I get to see miss shoko

the gorgeous one on the far left...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sunday readings...

I am reading a great book.

I love it
I like to underline phrases and paragraphs I particularly enjoy
and add my own thoughts to the side. sometimes I end up underlying a whole page.

today while reading I came across a chapter I really liked 
about the dangers of love.
 yup, the dangers.
 cause lets be honest, it is dangerous.
the chapter is called, 
 A Victim of Love
 let me share some gems of knowledge I found:

"I scheduled a meeting with the father and told him the biggest challenge of his life was just ahead. You've got to love Vic in a way that allows him to be himself, I said"

Ok, background. The author is a renowned Psychiatrist who works primarily with people
who have lost all happiness in their lives.
People like celebrities, company CEO's and victims of severe tragedies.

Vic, as said above is the "fathers" son who became paralyzed after his dad encouraged him to take
up his own love for riding motorcycles. Dan Baker, the psychiatrist and author has been meeting
with him, helping him cope with the guilt he felt afterward. ok, back to the book...

"As I look back, I can see that it was appreciation for Vic that I was asking from him. Love-and I mean true love, real love-can cripple us. It can make us miserable, and even dangerous to those we love. It can make us jealous, clingy, overprotective, guilt-ridden, and even vengeful. But appreciation is pure. Its the kind of love that can let us step away, and even watch a loved one suffer, when suffering is what they need."

"I told him, as gently as I could, that he was as paralyzed emotionally as his son was physically, and that surrendering his own life and giving up on his own choices wasn't helping anybody. It was just making Vic into an invalid. And him, too. I reminded him that self-sacrifice is usually just selfishness disguised as generosity. There's almost always a hidden agenda in it somewhere (his was getting rid of his guilt)"

interesting stuff. although the thought of real love as solely hazardous is false, I do agree
with what he is saying here. love/lust/infatuation I think causes all those things he mentioned.
but I think appreciation should be the core source of real love. you appreciate
everything about that person, the good and the bad. appreciation should be the foundation.
happy sabbath.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


so here we are, July 10th. I have approximately been here two months and the summer is a little more then half over.

here are some things I appreciate about being here:
new place to live
new people to meet
learning a lot about sales
learning a lot about human interaction
discovering new places to eat
exploring new cities
being the religious minority
being kind of on my own
living with my best friend/cousin Kyle
I have a lot of time for: reading, exercising and FB stalking, thinking about my future
I realize more and more how much I love my family
I have grown spiritually
I have grown physically
I enjoy talking to random strangers
I live with some fun chaps
friends in Mesa
Fashion Square
I get to help people
things have been put in perspective for me...

here are some things I dont appreciate:
being cursed at daily
being told I am a liar
having people lie to me and act like children
having things thrown/spit at me
having guns pulled on me
having the police called on me
working 8 hours a day for free sometimes
walking around outside for 6 hours when its 114 degrees
wearing the same thing every. single. day.
being away from my family
not being able to go boating
not being able to make my own schedule
not being able to go out on friday nights cause we have to work at 8am on saturdays
missing family vacations
being away from friends I love
no spontaneity or variety
AZ not having Cafe Rio
missing the 4th of July in Centerville AGAIN!
missing Utah summers, cause they are gorgeous
having everything down here look the same: tan, brown, rocks, cookie cutter houses.
again, being away from my family...

"All these things shall give thee experience, and be for thy good..."

D&C 122

this is the only reason to ever have a mini van

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my bad

I thought everyone was talking about seeing a real eclipse last night. I got excited. my bad...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

more food

my blog is basically turning into
a column on
cuisine, cars, design
stuff I want to buy.

todays review: Kona Grill
 Kona was 
referred to us by some friends
who live in Mesa.
Not knowing at all what to expect
Kyle and I gave it a try while
meeting up with some friends doing
their internships down here in 

my meal: Macadamia Nut Chicken

 its was served with white cheddar mashed potatoes and
wok-tossed vegetables, served with a shoyu-cream sauce
and a pineapple-papaya marmalade.

the sauce: amazing
the marmalade: amazing
(I asked for more of both)

we now have dined at Kona three times.
the menu is pretty small but 
they also have a full sushi bar that
adds a lot of variety.

heres some other favorites I have had:

Avocado Egg rolls

The Tuna Tower 
from the sushi bar

Oriental Chicken Salad
chicken: amazing
cabbage: amazing

the atmosphere is great there as well.
they have an outdoor bar and dining area
with sushi happy hour deals
the inside: a modern East meets West

also I love their advertising. 
clever and catchy.

theres definately a youthful vibe at Kona
hip music, gorgeous hostess', and trendy servers
upscale, but not ridiculous price
($26 for dinner and dessert)

the chefs, great as well.

meet Zach and Takeshi 

it really is East meets West with these too.
individually they bring 
expertise from two backgrounds
and together have weaved a menu that blends both


not only are they in the kitchen tossin up woks
but they are always out in the restaurant mingling 
with the patrons. I love that. alot. 
I'm a fan for sure.


fact or fiction?

I have 
yet to meet someone 
who owns a
PT Cruiser that is a 
pleasant person.

fact or fiction?


there is a direct correlation with
this car and people's 

 "Woody" here was found on someones blog.
the caption you ask?

"never drive faster then your angel can fly"

wise words for us all to live by.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I love food

I love stumbling upon a new restaurant.
Kyle and I read a thing in the paper about the
Elephant Bar
They were having a special for some new items on the menu.
We decided to accept that invitation for lunch.
They didn't disappoint...

Tropical culinary perfection...
and yes, it was as good as it looks. 
This baby had everything I love:
hard boiled eggs
three lettuce types
fresh crab
poached shrimp
grilled pineapple.
with a tangy citrus dressing. 

filled. me. up.

...but not quite enough.
How can one pass up citrus infused cheesecake on a 
chocolate base with a creme brulee layer on top?

yes, your correct.
no one can.  

not only was the food and menu huge/delicious,
but the atmosphere was prime.
slightly upscale, but not overpriced
(salad & desert: $15)
modern lounge meets safari
it was a fascinating blend 

we will definitely be going back...


...that I wouldnt mind owning...

The Yukon Denali

The Tahoe

The 4-Door Rubicon

The Range Rover Sport

The Bentley GT Supersport... the Yacht Club...

...leaving my downtown loft...

The BMW X6

The Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

The Mini Coop S

Monday, June 21, 2010

further solidifies my love for the breed

Thank my good friend Rachael for showing me this. 
Why would you not buy this 
for your pup?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I gave in

After an hour and half of looking for swim trunks, I remembered one time I "humored" the idea of Abercrombie and Fitch and tried a swim suit on and loved the fit. So here it is, my first purchase from A&F. I love the suit. I still hold onto the dream of the Abercrombie and Fitch that started in 1892 as an
elite outdoors and sporting goods provider
Those were the days. When people like Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart,  
Clark Gable, John Steinbeck, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower
and Ernest Hemingway were its earliest patrons.
Thats the Abercrombie and Fitch I support. 
Not what it is today...

I found it...

So I have never seen myself as one to have ridiculously expensive and ostentatious vehicles.
Dont get me wrong, I appreciate high end items more then most.  
My mom says I was born with expensive taste. I cant help it.
A few months ago I first saw the   Porsche Panamera in Jim Laubs garage, the Owner of Cache Valley Electric, one of the top 15 largest electrical companies in the nation. His was mint green and made my heart flutter. Upon seeing it I said, "I found it. The luxury car I would own..." I have always loved Porsche, ever since I was little and had a poster of a bright yellow Porsche Carrera on my wall. So, there ya go.

  The first 4 door Porsche.  
Gotta have room for the car seats right?

I would take mine in Navy or Charcoal.
With Aggie A license plates.

Allen Blake Mathews

Its Fathers Day. 
I can hands down say  
my father is the greatest man I know
Heres some reasons why:

1. He married my mom, and after three other children, he saved some of the good
chromosomes for me. Also, refer to everything else about this picture. He had
the 70's fashion trend NAILED! Always been a dapper fellow. And no thats not me
in the picture. Its my oldest sister Mandy.

2. No this wasn't in a Ralph Lauren Home Christmas Catalog. 
Every family has an all plaid photo. If not plaid, all denim. 
Father used to sport the stache for many a year, but is clean
shaven now. Came with the call to be the Bishop. 
Obedience to simple things. Always admired it.

3. My dad comes from some great men. On the left, his uncle. On the right,
his dad/my grandpa. Good ol' boys who know how to work and love their women.
I see a lot of my grandpa in my dad. Love for his wife, work ethic, spiritual dedication
but mostly this great of humor.

4. My dad is one of my biggest fans/greatest supporters. All growing up I was
constantly encouraged to pursue the things I loved. He's been my soccer coach to fan 
from the age of 3, through club ball, high school and even came and watched an
intramural game of mine in college. He's driven me to practices and games all over the state of Utah
and road tripped to tournaments all over the US. He came to every voice recital, choir concert 
and high school musical performance I was ever in. He funded my high school
dances and dates in return for student involvement and good grades; allowing me  
to savor every opportunity and create the best memories. It all paid
off dad with that lovely four year full ride, thanks to my student involvement. Due to 
constant encouragement and support I have been able to really develop talents I love.
Not only has he been supportive emotionally and spiritually, but financially. I have had the
most amazing opportunities for trips and travel, most of which would not have been
possible without him. I will pay him back one day. Here are just a few of those...

The Madrigal trip to New York

Senior trip to Bear Lake and Chads cabin

Senior trip 2 to California

Freshman year spring break part 1 to St George

Freshman year spring break part 2 to Zion and Vegas

Mission part 1 in the Philippines

Mission part 2 in California

Weekend back to California for Hunter and Mallory's baptism

Spring break '09 to Vegas

Study abroad in Italy, France and England

NACA convention in Portland

funding to build Tiny

Spring break '10 to San Diego

(Not pictured, but should be remembered is the 9th grade trip to Engand, Ireland, Scotland
and Wales. Also the AP Biology trip to California my Junior year.)

I cant even begin to thank him for his aid in allowing all these AMAZING opportunities to
take place. They have made me some of my closest friends and fondest memories.

5. The jeep. My graduation present that we turned into an unstoppable offroading
machine. Our yearly Moab trips will forever be some of my fondest memories.
Not just Moab, but I cherish his commitment to family vacations that create lasting
memories. Boating at Hebgen and Jackson. Him coming on scout camps with me. 
Most all of my favorite trips have always included my dad. Coincidence? Not a chance.

6. My spiritual mentor. This has always been one of my favorite pictures with my parents
after I received my endowments in the Bountiful Temple. Most all my childhood my dad was in the
bishopric as a counselor, and from age 12-18 was my Bishop. Needless to say, my teen years were filled with much spiritual guidance from my dad. Regardless of what I am going through be it
frustration with friends, dating, school...he always has an answer that is gospel based. Everything
he looks at usually ends up through spiritual eyes. 

7. Support while abroad. Once upon a time I became deathly ill in a third world country.
While alone in the hospital across the world for over a week, my dad was given
permission to call me once a day. Heavenly Father clearly knew in advance how
difficult that experience as going to be for me, because I would not have
made it without the daily phone calls from him. No one, including him will ever fully
understand the impact and difference it made to talk to him. I wouldn't have made it...
I couldn't have done it.

8. This tribute while I was on my mission. My dad's not a big one for Halloween, but
I really appreciated his efforts this year, cause I LOVE Halloween. 

9. Commodore Daddy. My dad has been at the helm of my Grandparents 1968
Fiberform boat for many a years now. The Maharajah as she's known. The boat has reached
a point in antiquity that qualifies her a a classic. And he is proud of her. 

10. The Commodore pulls me better then anyone else, also thanks to the Fiberforms
nonexistent wake. Usually its only him in the boat, and me skiing. Mostly because thats
how it has to be so the boat can get up to a fast enough speed. I dont mind though. I love it.
And he can still cut the glass just as good...

11. He supports and plots schemer-like ideas; such as this one. Mother and Dustin were
a'floatin when he felt it appropriate to take me right by them, as so that I may cut and
drape them in a sheet of lake water. A trickster sometimes he may be, and I appreciate
those youthful instincts.

12. He supports my special ways. Bless him.

13. He loves my mom. So much. I have never once in my life doubted that.
My dad is the best example of showing respect for women, as well as 
the importance of fulfilling a mans duties in the home and family. My dad works
harder then anyone I know to provide for his family. 

14. I have yet to meet someone personally who has a bad thing to say about this man.
He is the most trusting, sincere person I know. He has qualities and attributes, especially in the
business world that are rare to find anymore. As said above, he works harder then anyone I know.
He makes people feel loved, important, accepted and comfortable wherever he goes. His sense of 
humor is priceless, and he can make me laugh harder then anyone else. He is one of my best
friends, and I thank Heavenly Father daily that I was blessed with such a great man as my Father.

Fetch, typing this is causing emotion. So to end; a lighter note...

15. Look at him...not even phased. Thats unconditional love. 

Happy Fathers Day Dad.
 I love you.