Saturday, April 30, 2011

9 months in review [April 2011]

 April is my birth month. so my friends threw a party.

it was crazy. so fun though. lots of dancing with lots of people.

I spent my actual birthday weekend at home because it was conference; which I love when it lands on conference weekend. The best present I got was the opportunity to sing in the Priesthood choir at the conference center for the Priesthood session. Singing in front of 21,000+ people is an incredible experience. I loved every minute of it. After conference we went to park city for a day of skiing, shopping at the outlets and dinner at Baja Cantina, one of my favorite restaurants in PC. We spent the night up there and I just chilled on my actual bday. Pics are to come.

 some of my close chums took me to dinner on my actual birthday, which was wonderful.

next came the Robins Awards, the Universities largest and most prestigious awards ceremony. I was a chair again this year and in charge of the entertainment, talents nominees and the Emcee. It turned out so amazing. My boss/great friend Lacey won woman of the year!

april also is the month for intramurals. we had a coed outdoor soccer team mostly 
comprised of ambassadors. we were awesome. we had to go straight from one of our 
games to our service project for the semester. the beloved road side clean up. 
this event won a place in my heart after my freshman year when my good friend Katie and I
sang 'Awesome God' over and over to entertain ourselves.

 next was the Ambassador banquet, and I will go ahead and say it was the best one I have been to
in my three years here. one reason was that I was given the Presidents Ambassador of the Year award,
a HUGE surprise and incredible honor. I have loved this group so much this year.

oh true aggie night. my only documented experience of this.
my friend Syd and I have been here at USU since Freshman year when we
lived across from each other. we instantly became best friends and really
reunited this year. she is graduating, and had yet become a true aggie. 
we couldnt let that experience pass her by...

 school wise, this year has definitely been the most difficult. more all nighters then I 
can recall. we had a visiting designer from new york fly out and us juniors
presented our projects to her. we opted to turn the studio into an exhibit space for her.

sometimes we are at the stood way way too late. and I result to eating melted aggie ice cream
like shmeagal. it was delish though

here some of us are with designer Ghislaine Vinas in the middle. look her up, she's funky.

 free Sean Kingston concert on campus? okay.

 just waiting for the chubby niglet to come serenade us

we ended the evening by cleaning a few sinks at Angies. Also a requirement for Syd and Kellen 
since they are graduating.

9 months in review [March 2011]

 March brought elections week. I decided to run for next years Arts Senator.
yeah I didnt win, but it was something that I always had wanted to do and I 
had a blast. my campaign was clean, professional and a lot of fun.

Keenan (ran for president with no avail) and myself waiting for primary announcements.
Luckily a week after elections came spring break, which was welcomed with open arms.
spring break really is kind of a bitter sweet event. The break is no nice, especially after months
of bad weather; however it makes getting back into "school mode" very difficult.

This year we opted for a cruise to mexico. my first, but definitely not my last. easily one
of the best vacations I have ever been on. we had 24 people in our group that road tripped
to california in three cars before we all got on the boat. 

 my car left early so I could have my internship interview. so we explored LA a bit

 I appreciated that Norweigan found an opportunity to take pictures at every moment

our vessel

 we decided that "white out party" meant toga party

Tays melon trunks-compliments of the walmart in Puerto Vallarta

 one of my favorite moments from the whole trip. after day one in Cabo a few of us got back on 
the boat, loaded up some cheese and fruit and watched the sun set from the hot tub. perfection.

 while at the beach in Cabo we looked over to see the lovely Sam Spendlove.
Matt, Sam and I were all freshman ambassadors together and Sam has remained
one of my best friends to this day. Her and her hubs were there and we so randomly found
them on the beach. so glad we did though.

 after our day of snorkeling and beachin in Cabo

 this is what I miss the most. sun, nap, fruit, cheese, ice cream. all day, everyday, as much as I wanted.

 my pina colada on the beach dream came true in Puerto Vallarta

when its stormy on the boat, you cram in a room, watch movies and order room service all day.

naturally there was an accident in front of us on our drive home, so we layed out on top of 
the burb. it was stop and go for about four hours. overall it only took us 26 hours to get back home.

 shortly after returning was the baby blessing of my new nephew Tucker.

my brother and sister in laws first.

March was great. it sadly took me about two weeks to get back into school work though. also due to the fact that half our cruise group contracted some illness after the cruise that lasted about two weeks. its was terrible. TERRIBLE.

Friday, April 29, 2011

9 months in review [February 2011]

 one time we had a Toy Story party at Chads cabin.
I was the green martian, and it was fun.

Ke$ha at Salt Air for $35? Why the heck not? It honestly was 
probably the most fun I have ever had at a concert. She put on a 
very entertaining show.

 I was Mr. Watson. Drew was tribal.

 Taylor looked like Darth Mauls flamboyant brother.

 basically the best show ever. seriously so entertaining.

watch her opening number here:

and see how insane the crowd was here:

and here is a video of pure Aggie basketball magic. I love it so much.

9 months in review [January 2011]

 my new years resolution was to continued good health, considering 2010 was the healthiest 
I have ever been. the next morning I woke up with the worst ick. lasted over 2 weeks. guess it could
only get better from there.

 one time Taylor won a free 16x20 at Kiddie Kandids. so we took
advantage of that opportunity.

 new semester. new friends. old friends and a new basketball season.

to continue my concert streak we snagged tickets to the Dashboard
acoustic throwback tour show. it was AMAZING!!! video soon to come.

9 months in review [December 2010]

 December is the month for holiday parties.

 my dear friend Taylor Crane, roommate from Freshman year, threw this lovely yuletide bash.

 December is also the time for weddings...

 my best friend Chad got married Dec. 18th. to our wonderful friend Kinsey

all the peeps.

my little brother. happy holidays.

9 months in review [November 2010]

I know stuff went down, like Thanksgiving; however I don't have pictures of anything.

9 months in review [October 2010]

october started out great, with a little trip to Sun Valley (one of the other favorite places
on this earth) for the ASID (Amserican Association of Interior Designers) Intermountain Chapter Conference. I love SV so much, especially in the fall time. They have a student competition there
as well, so I took my Tiny House, which took home a lovely second place prize! Cant wait for
next year.

 Homecoming week was a lot later in the semester this year, which I kinda liked.
its nice when its fall like for Homecoming. The ID departments street painting was bomb.
Lindsey and I owned that hounds tooth.

this year my involvement was a lot more minimal. but with Amabassadors, two jobs and my insane
major that was just fine. I was in charge of the Moonlight and Music concert held in the
Amphitheater. I snagged one of my favorite artists Kaylee Cole who I heard last year in Logan. It was a gorgeous evening, perfect temperature and she was amazing as usual.

 lucky me that I got to be a contestant this year in the Mr. USU pageant,
 instead of planning it like last year. I was Mr. Arts. It was a blast.

 although our team isnt the greatest, I love fall for football. highlight of this season was of course
beating our southern rival BYU. first time in 20 years and it was awesome.

this was for a birthday. not sure whose considering most of my families birthdays are in
october. I will go ahead and say my moms.

 easily the greatest highlight of October and possibly the year was fall break.
kyle and I were invited to go to Oregon with some of our good friends.

 we rented a nice little beach house in Manzanita that easily could have been used in a horror
film, but that made it all more charming and exciting.

 Cannon beach with Haystack rock from Goonies.

 of course we swam. it was freezing and October on the Oregon coast, but we ignored that fact.

 some of the best shrimp I have ever had.

 hug point
 high school and college together and it was our first trip

 way better then Disney Land

 good thing I had a healed colon in time for this

it was a lot

we also found an Avatar at Tillamook. and Kellen loves
cheese curds
I made everyone stop at my favorite donut shop in Portland, Voodoo donuts
so I could get my bacon maple bar. its great.
ambassador cowboys and Indians Halloween party

 ah the HOWL. so much love for this event. this year we had about 12 of us that were a band
of gypsies. with satchels of chocolate gold coins to barter and trade.

bingle, bangle bongle. we had a blast.