Friday, July 22, 2011

all done...

this week I completed my internship at kelly wearstler, inc. eights weeks later. crazy. flew by. I can honestly say it was ten times more amazing then I could have ever expected. it surpassed all expectations. when deciding on somewhere to go, I was so torn between here and NY. but everything so perfectly fell into place having me come here and I now know it was right. working somewhere with her reputation has been incredible. I'm very lucky. I've had amazing learning experiences, contributed to so many designs and really felt a part of the company. I have a lot to take away from the experience.
(especially my sketches being published in septembers architectural digest....shhhh)

my last day was very bittersweet. as much as I love all the people I work with and the projects I was helping with, I was over the routine and no pay. I know, I know. I knew thats how it was going to be all along. but it catches up with you. I was only able to deal with the excitement of pest control because I was making moolah. so its nice to know I did a non paid internship for that long and loved it. how great to actually be paid for it! one day.

after running a few morning errands I met Fernando and Leslie, the in house architects at kelly retail store site to talk to the general contractor about time line ish. super interesting listening to them go back and forth on how fast things can happen. I cant wait to go back for the opening party. its going to be amazing. 

for lunch my last day we got to go to the Avalon Hotel in beverly hills. one of kelly's renovation projects. its such a rad hotel, and the poolside restaurant is amazing. I had lobster risotto. it was heavenly. normally its crazy expensive (like $30+ for lunch) but we get 50% off. they were super nice to take me there. kelly just finished another phase of remodeling so we got to snoop around and see some of the unfinished rooms they are still installing...

after lunch we had a retail meeting with kelly, which was nice cause I got some final one on one with her to finalize store design ish and thank her for the opportunity to come out here. she really is an incredible person. super nice, extremely hard working and very sincere. rare in this city and for somewhere of her status.

 fernando, my main man. he's the architect in the office and I was his right hand guy all summer.
he kept calling me a bastard for leaving him. but he taught me a lot, and gave me great opportunities.

 kill me. she's adorable. it was a sad goodbye. 
she said to call the minute I graduate. better believe I will

 she signed and wrote the nicest message inside her book to me. and in the 
box was one of her books made of stone she sells at Bergdorf Goodman for 
an obscene amount of money, which I was not expecting. that was a fun surprise.

it was sad. but happy to be moving on. I love LA, but am excited for Logan.  


  1. Well said Tiny Brother. I'm super glad you got this opportunity. While it was super fun to visit you - both times, I'm most excited for you to be only 1 hour away instead of 13 hours away!

  2. congrats with getting this amazing opportunity - i hope that you are able to take away tons of useful knowledge when the intern program ends <3
    would you like to follow each other?